We have always made it a point to support the local community and take every chance we can to give back,

whether it be buying local or working with the area's small businesses, Storage Unlimited is as Bloomington as it gets.

A Brief History

Bloomington has always been a welcoming communitty to my family and my business. It has been my great pleasure to work with the local community over the past 39 years. Providing the best customer service has always been my top priority, we will be happy to serve all your storage needs!


Diane Eubanks

August 1976 – Founded

September 2013 - Moved our main office location from the back corner of the lot to the first thing you see on the left when you drive in.


Family Owned


Shredding and storage unlimited, LLC


A NOTE From the owner

Our sister/office sharing company - providing Mobile Document Shredding, Recycling and Storage for Southern Indiana

and operated since 1976